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Fingerboard Safety System




One of the latest requirements for oil and gas applications is to stack drill piping on drilling ships, oil rigs and Jackup Rigs.

With new discoveries of oilfields far off the coasts and in very deep water, down to 3000 meters, oil rigs need to carry more equipment, so safety and durability continues to be a very important issue and risk needs to be reduced wherever possible.

The total drilling distance can be up to 10000 meters.  When the drill tools need to be changed on the drill pipe, the drilling operation is reversed and the drill pipe that is removed and disassembled is stacked into locations called ‘Fingerboards’ prior to changing the tool.  This operation is called ‘tripping’.  The speed of extraction of the drill pipe is crucial as rig downtime can cost approx $1 million per day.


The Fingerboards used to locate and stack each drill pipe operate individually using specifically designed pneumatic cylinders.  These cylinders are operated by valves, mounted in stainless steel cabinets.

To fulfil the critical safety requirements, Norgren has developed a safety system which controls the opening of the cylinders, ensuring that each drill pipe is located correctly avoiding misleading.

The speed of operation increases the throughput of the drill pipes saving time during the day and reducing risk to overall downtime.