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Dehumidifier Manifold



dehumidifier manifold


A large commercial graphics printer uses compressed air to deliver ink to the printing head and speed drying. If moisture or oil vapour from the ambient intake air gets into the system, the ink will dry slowly and

smear easily. The printer manufacturer found the stand-alone components they were using to detect moisture and shut the system down were too unreliable and cumbersome. They asked Norgren for an integrated solution that could deliver:

  • Better reliability and print quality
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Reduced cost


Norgren created a disposable, yet intelligent dehumidifier module which runs the compressed air through a bowl that siphons off the moisture and oil vapour carryover. When these contaminants build to a point where print quality could be compromised, the module will trigger the printer to stop the job. The unit is consolidated in a single manifold that fits in the existing mounting footprint.

Now the OEM benefits from:

  • IMPROVED RELIABILITY – A single integrated system reduces the number of potential failure points, and using high quality Norgren components further ensures reliability. The automatic shutdown prevents errors for the end-user and enhances print quality.
  • FASTER SERVICE – Once the dehumidifier signals the system has shut down, all the operator has to do is follow on-screen instructions to quickly unplug the disposable dehumidifier unit and install a new one. The printer can be back in service within five minutes or less. 
  • COST SAVINGS – Using an integrated logic manifold instead of multiple components, the solution now has a single part number and the customer exceeded their goal of reducing acquisition costs by 23%.