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Drilling Platforms


offshore rig


Equipment utilised within drilling platform environments face many challenges in operation. Extreme of temperatures and salt water pollution are two of many and the customer needs to have the confidence that any systems purchased are fit for purpose. This focused on the pneumatic requirements for use on a rig project. The OEM was looking for a supplier that could deliver a number of pneumatic systems to control various operations, but importantly they wanted to reduce the number of suppliers and outsource these requirements to a company that had the required expertise and meet the challenging requirements of the environment.


With many years of experience within this industry Norgren engineers were able to offer them a complete solution for their pneumatic requirements thus reducing the number of vendors they were dealing with.  This particular project involved supplying pneumatic control cabinets, cylinders, wiper systems and fittings.  Focusing on the control cabinet Norgren have engineered a single stainless steel cabinet that contains valves, air preparation etc.

This is an example of Norgren Engineers looking at the overall requirements of the customer and then combining pneumatic operations into one single product.  This makes it easy for the customer to install and reduces the number of vendors used.

What’s more all of the solutions that the customer receives are tried and tested against the harsh environments that they are deployed in and are manufactured from materials that are ideally suited to cope with the extremes. The customer is safe in the knowledge that they are dealing with a supplier that has in depth expertise not only in pneumatics but in their industry and that all solutions will be tried and tested to deliver reliable operation time and time again.