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Redundant Valve Manifold System


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A chemical manufacturer needed a reliable air control valve unit for their safety instrumented system (SIS); one that could monitor and deliver pneumatic directional control to process valves and offer safe access should repairs be needed. The customer wanted something simple, a product that could be installed in close proximity to the process valve it controls. Existing panel designs were complicated and, due to their size, often required installation remote from the process valve, creating confusion for plant operators and increasing the risk of error. The customer wanted a product that was:

  • Robust
  • Simple to read
  • Easy to service
  • Norgren Solution


Norgren was already supplying valves that meet safety integrity level (SIL) standards. Given this new challenge, Norgren engineers designed a simplified valve manifold with two SIL valves in redundant mode, visual pressure indicators and an SIL rated bypass valve with lock out feature. Now the customer has a valve block for their SIS system that is:

  • ROBUST – The valves meet ANSI 84 and IEC 61 508 safety integrity standards. Packaged for redundancy, if one fails the other will continue to safely regulate the process valves’ function. The two SIL 3 redundant valves are direct-acting, so no minimum air pressure is required in order for them to function properly.
  • SIMPLE – The manifold has just four visual indicators, each showing one of two possible colours. The colour sequence of the four makes it easy for the operator to see that the unit is working properly or, if not, where a problem lies.
  • REDUCED DOWNTIME – Should a malfunction be detected, the operator can fix the problem without affecting the system. The unit comes with bypass valve, enabling safe servicing while the system or process continues.


Due to its modular design the manifold can be engineered to fit any SIL application for instrument air directional control, saving installation costs and providing a simple, reliable and cost effective solution. 
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