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Actuators for Steam Bled Valves


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Norgren was asked to look at the supply of linear actuators for mounting to Steam Bled valves used in the power generation industry.  The customer was experiencing continued problems with their existing supplier relating to inconsistent deliveries and the resulting penalties faced for not meeting on-time deliveries.  

Norgren were tasked with supplying an alternative product against established competition.  Delivery was the main driver, however Norgren’s proposal also had to offer a weight saving against existing product, as well as reducing the overall length of the assembly.


Norgren’s proposal was to provide a hybrid actuator solution, which included an end cap mounted Namur solenoid valve with SIL approval.  

This allows the End User increased confidence in the performance of the solenoid and the flexibility of replacing the solenoid valve easily and quickly in the event of failure to operate correctly, as opposed to the existing solution.  

Additionally, Norgren’s assembly was able to meet the customer’s specification of reduced weight and more compact design, providing a saving of approx 20% against the existing competitor option.  As the cylinder is usually mounted on top of the valve, this provides greater stability, by lowering the centre of gravity of the valve assembly, when undertaking vibration testing.