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Miniature Solenoid Valve




A global leader in CIJ small character printers used in diverse manufacturing & production environments, required miniature solenoid valves with greater repeatability, higher reliability and longer operating life.

The unmet customer need required Norgren to engineer an OEM application specific precision miniature solenoid valve in a 10mm body with smallest possible overall footprint and internal volume, repeatable specified operating times and leak rate; increased valve life cycle from 2 million to 5 million life cycles, and higher reliability to withstand clogging in continuous operation with viscous ink.

The miniature solenoid valve design needed to be compatible with MEK (Methyl ethyl ketone) based inks to compensate for “swelling” of elastomer seals and precision control of highly aggressive media.


Norgren engineered an integrated dual (180 degree) 3/4, 10mm solenoid valve with dual coils in a single assembly and housing and customised OEM/FAS electrical connector & interface. The miniature integrated precision solenoid valve assembly is 100% tested to the OEM customer specifications achieving the highest quality and inspection standards allowing for KANBAN shipments arriving at the customer as “door to floor” with no incoming inspection.
The OEM application specific 10mm product represented an extension of an existing product technology platform and was co – developed over a 24 month period between the OEM customer project engineering and Norgren R&D team at one of Norgren’s premier precision miniature solenoid valve manufacturing units.

The Norgren solution met the dimension & footprint, repeatable flow & response time and life cycle requirements of the OEM customer.  In turn, while Norgren developed the precision control miniature valve enabled the OEM customer to focus on its core competencies which decreased its development time, launch to market faster and realize sales revenues 6 months sooner. The Norgen solution and logistics model greatly reduced the OEM customers’ inventory and maintenance costs.