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New Build Door Systems


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There are currently over 40,000 Norgren rail door systems in operation globally.  With over 30 years experience, and proven reliability and safety in Metro, EMU, High speed and refurbishment door applications, our capabilities include:

  • External plug door systems for Mainline and High Speed trains
  • External sliding doors for Metro cars
  • Internal electrically operated single leaf and double leaf door control systems
  • Manually operated semi-automatic single leaf or double leaf internal door systems
  • Internal pneumatic single leaf and double leaf door control systems


A manufacturer and operator of high-speed passenger trains needed an internal door solution with passenger detection and anti-entrapment features. It had to fit their design footprint and meet their weight requirements. They needed a door with an actuator that was:

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Easy to maintain


Norgren engineers designed a lightweight aluminum electric actuator with a programmable controller so the door opening speed and force can be set according to the customer’s requirement. It can also detect obstructions and lock the door open in the case of power failure. This system gives the rail car manufacturer several benefits:

  • LIGHT WEIGHT – Every bit of weight that can be eliminated from a rail car reduces the energy and cost required to start and stop the train.
  • COMPACT DESIGN – The actuator can be configured to fit in spaces restricted by HVAC piping, electrical cables or various door designs.
  • QUALITY – The system is manufactured under the tough automotive quality management system ISO/TS 16949.
  • VALIDATION – Customers can visit the Norgren facility to inspect various stage-gates throughout the project, including validation testing.
  • CONTROLLABILITY – The system can be set to the door speed and force required to meet ADA or other regulatory standards. The controller also sends data to the train’s diagnostic system.
  • MADE IN THE USA – The Norgren door system is manufactured in Littleton, Colorado under the Buy America provisions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, giving rail car manufacturers the documentation they need to compete in the United States.