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Automated Wagon Controls


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A leading supplier of of leased locomotive power and rolling stock in Australia had a requirement for grain wagons that were the best in the country.  They wanted to ensure the pneumatic supplier they selected was able to integrate well with the wagon builders, meeting the following criteria:

  • High load capacity
  • Ease of filling and unloading in a safe manner
  • Variable discharge flow with independent discharge door control
  • Safe and efficient top hatch design
  • Very high reliability
  • Ease of maintenance and good technical and after sales support


Many leading pneumatic suppliers were considered and after careful consideration, Norgren was chosen based on industry knowledge and experience as well as sound technical and design advice and support.

Working closely with the customer and their appointed wagon builders, Norgren delivered a first class package solution that met all the criteria and more for 100t grain wagons which are now widely regarded as the industry bench mark in automated hopper wagons. 

The principal design of the system utilises pneumatic actuators to open and close the sliding top lid and bottom slide doors.  Special valves were selected to cope with the rigorous operating conditions as well as all metal push-in fittings and customised actuators.  This ensured maximum safety and reliability and minimum air leakage and maintenance.

The benefit of the new control system is that it removes the need for operators to manually open doors and climb onto wagons as with previous solutions.  The new Norgren solution is safer and more efficient, as each compartment can be individually or collectively opened.  The flow rate of grain can also be controlled to match the size of the discharge area and speed of the conveyor, to maximise unloading efficiency and minimise time.

All of this assisted the customer to win future business for their world-class grain wagons.  Norgren has assisted this customer with various freight wagon projects.


  • Low power solenoid valves for remote control solar powered systems
  • Customised actuators designed for use in harsh environments
  • Air motors
  • Heavy duty mechanical and manual over-ride valves
  • Heavy duty Y strainers, filters and non-return valves
  • Heavy duty push-in and compression fittings for brakes and accessories