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Carbon fibre moulding, repair on display at Sampe 2016

Friday, 13th May 2016

IMI Precision Engineering to exhibit booms, T-bars as well as unique repair capabilities at Booth O37

Carbon fibre moulding, repair on display at Sampe 2016

Now engineers involved in materials processing and handling have unprecedented design flexibility in carbon fiber structures, thanks to automation solutions from IMI Precision Engineering- NAS.

Slow line speeds, shaking and imprecise part placement are common challenges with steel and aluminum booms, due to their weight and rigidity. And because they can’t be repaired, a “crash” means expensive replacement.

Carbon fiber booms, in contrast, offer stability and precision. They are lightweight but high strength so they accommodate higher line speeds, and because they resist shaking, they place parts precisely, every time. Carbon fiber is also valued in harsh operating environments for temperature stability and chemical resistance.

IMI Precision Engineering- NAS has advanced carbon fiber technology by developing the capability to mold it into complex shapes, such as T-bars, with a variety of loading characteristics to meet user requirements. They can also repair carbon fiber booms, extending equipment life. And they do it all in Michigan, not overseas, for faster delivery and setup.

To learn more about putting durable, versatile carbon fiber to work in your materials handling operation, visit us at the Society of Advanced Materials and Process Engineering (SAMPE) Conference and Exhibition, May 23-26, 2016 in Long Beach, California. See us at booth O37 or go to