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Acrylic Manifold Integrates Precision Norgren Components

Friday, 2nd March 2012

Light weight integrated fluidic platforms reduce footprint, improve reliability for over 75 years.

Acrylic manifolds from Norgren Life Sciences enable OEMs to reduce instrument size and weight and improve reliability in medical, analytical and diagnostic devices by integrating precision fluidic control components in a single sub-assembly. Using a manifold instead of discrete components can minimize overall packaging, eliminate potential leak paths and dramatically reduce internal dead volume. Norgren manifolds can accommodate a high density of fluidic circuits and complex multi-directional flow paths, allowing the complete integration of all system components in one compact unit.

Norgren’s thermal bonding technology for building acrylic manifolds results in superior optical clarity with no distortion even through multiple layers. The material is inert and can be used with liquid or gas media. Internal features can be incorporated such as mixing chambers, reservoirs, flow cells, heaters, conductivity tabs, and viewing windows.

Norgren also supplies a full range of precision components including syringes, fittings, valves, pressure regulators, restrictors and filters. This allows Norgren to offer custom design and assembly of components and manifolds into application-specific integrated fluidic platforms.

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