Electric Motion- selecting the best solution for your needs

The requirements for modern industrial automation applications are becoming increasingly complex, therefore it is essential to select the best possible motion control solution for each application.

​ ​ Electric motion offers the perfect solution when precise control, accurate positioning, repeatability, or wear-free operation are essential.

Our expanded range of high-performance electric motion solutions is suited to a variety of applications including material handling, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, battery manufacture and factory automation.

Our electric motion range includes electric cylinders, linear axis and custom-built cartesian and gantry systems for multi axis applications. The wide range of drive, guide and profile options, with over 100,000,000 possible configurations, allows us to design and manufacture solutions that offer complete flexibility. From improving the speed, productivity, and reliability of equipment, to generating significant energy and efficiency savings, or lowering the total cost of ownership, our electric motion solutions deliver Breakthrough Engineering you can count on.
30+ years experience
Application engineering
Service and support

Electric motion applications

We offer customized solutions to suit every automation application. From a single, individual cylinder or repeat, high volume production runs, we offer the best motion control technology for your specific application.
Mechanical and systems​ engineering
Coating, painting, welding, measuring and forming​ plants; glass, stone and woodworking machinery
Automation and​ electrical engineering
Assembly lines and storage systems, assembly and handling systems, and measuring and inspection equipment
Lifting and materials​ handling technology
Bottling and dosing systems, electro-mechanical lifting systems, lift systems, and pick and place systems
Food industry
Food production and animal feed production
Chemical and​ pharmaceutical industry
Mixing, testing and dosing equipment, laboratory applications and clean-room conditions
Pharmacy automation
Automated picking systems​
Packaging technology
Labelling and packaging equipment, and systems for cartoning, loading, packaging and delivery
3D Printing
Rapid prototyping, industrial 3D printing, sintered metal processing and architectural projects
Commitment to engineering and service
Norgren electric motion solutions are designed by engineers, to the most demanding standards. To ensure you make the right decision, our dedicated technical team is available to help you specify the best product for your application, and provide full technical support throughout purchase and delivery.
Technical support
We provide full technical consultation and application needs assessment. A quote, including 3D CAD models, technical drawings, and life and cycle time calculations will be provided within 48 hours.
Application services​
Guidance on specialist applications and certifications such as ATEX Ex-proof, Cleanroom, NORDKAP etc., gearbox dimensioning, and structural analysis for critical applications is available on request.
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Multi axis systems are increasing in popularity, but choosing the right specification can be a challenge. Learn how Norgren’s solution agnostic approach to specification can enhance your multi axis designs.


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