Commercial Vehicles- Driving towards a sustainable future with engineered solutions for cab, chassis and thermal control

As the commercial vehicle sector’s drive towards a sustainable future intensifies.

​ ​ OEMs are seeking system partners and supply chains that understand the market’s intrinsic challenges and can rapidly develop technologies to meet the needs of evolving zero emissions platforms while still providing the necessary robust and reliable products.

With a proven heritage in fluid and motion control, Norgren has established expertise within the commercial vehicle sector.

This, together with its commitment to delivering innovative solutions, is enabling customers to introduce new zero emissions technologies and achieve optimal energy efficiency, without compromising on performance.

Increase existing diesel engine efficiencies - develop reliable transmission solutions – meet emerging emissions regulations – create bespoke cab/chassis control solutions – manage thermal control for zero emission vehicles to produce optimized mileage ranges

For over 40 years Norgren has provided a breadth of robust, high-performing, and tailored solutions to support current diesel engine, transmission, cab, and chassis applications, in both on and off-highway markets.  

As the commercial vehicle sector pivots towards a net zero horizon, Norgren is now applying its innovation and expertise to partner with OEMs and key sector suppliers to help unlock the potential of battery power, hydrogen fuel cells, and alternate fuel technologies.  

Emerging emissions regulations require that current diesel-powered solutions are optimized, at the same time as prioritizing the development of new zero emission vehicles for the future. 

The following application areas give an overview of Norgren’s commercial vehicle solution expertise. 

Powertrain Engine

High-performance pneumatic and electric controls utilize innovative valve and actuation technology for existing and future engine control requirements. Smart turbo wastegate control, air inlet throttles, multi-function valve blocks, pneumatic EGR control, exhaust brake control and DEF (ad-blue) tank heating valves, are among Norgren’s proven product solutions.


In a modular or standard version, Norgren transmission products are built for reliability and robustness, while minimizing weight and space, for both conventional and electric powertrains. Solutions provide pneumatic assistance on both manual and automated transmissions (AMT) and include filter regulators, AMT control, and retarder controls.


Ensuring reliable precision, our suite of standard and customized pneumatic control solutions comply with all regulatory requirements for use in primary and auxiliary applications. High-performance stackable solenoid valves operate via a single air supply when mounted in multi-array, whilst manifolds reduce the overall weight and footprint of the solution. Manifold products also provide a CAN interface to automate chassis control. Newly developed dynamic chassis control solutions enable automatic suspension lowering at high speeds, making for better aerodynamics and improved fuel efficiency. While fuel system components allow vehicles to meet safety requirements, through fuel management in case of an accident.


Dashboard and seat controls provide tailored, durable solutions built on functionality. Norgren products prevent leakage, enable precise control, are optimized to customer-specific installation requirements, and can lower total cost of ownership.

Thermal Management

Whether diesel or zero emissions powertrains; thermal management valves enable more fuel efficiency, increase battery life, and extend range.

Norgren’s fluid and motion control technical and application expertise, extensive in-the-field experience, and multitude of innovative product and system solutions continue to drive the commercial vehicle sector forward.

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