Industrial Communication (IIoT)

Improving Efficiency, Performance and Reducing Downtime

IO-Link is revolutionising Industrial Automation by offering a standardised and seamless communication interface for all IO-Link devices, with simple installation and a complete range of diagnostics functionality. A globally standardised (IEC 61131-9) communication system for connecting sensors and many other components, without any complex wiring, to a control system.

IO-Link is the ideal solution for cost effective, more efficient and reliable production. It enables seamless communication and a powerful infrastructure to manage data through your manufacturing process. Intelligent devices can be used to their full potential with IO-Link, paving the way for Industry 4.0 in Industrial Automation.

IO-Link is simple to install and enables continuous diagnostics, as well as remote and automated configuration of all the IO-Link devices in your system.

Diagnostics Made Simple

  • Communication standard IEC61131-9

  • Standardised, open and fieldbus independent technology

  • Connects intelligent sensors and field devices to the PLC

  • Uses advantages of available I/O interfaces

  • Enables efficient production and cost savings thanks to minimised downtime

  • Enables predictive and planned maintenance

A Complete System Solution

Norgren offers a complete IO-Link system solution, which includes a wide range of IO-Link enabled devices, as well as an IO-Link Master and I/O Modules (Hubs).

  • Simple "Plug and Play" devices

  • Flexibility - easy to add, remove, reposition or reconfigure your system

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