In keeping with our philosophy of Breakthrough Engineering, Norgren is challenging traditional thinking about workholding solutions for CNC machining customers; actively exploring new ways to tackle some of the key operational issues the industry faces every day.

The innovation at work within Norgren, is dramatically reducing the steps traditionally involved; changing the way parts are held and gripped in the CNC and workholding industry forever.

Adaptix™ soft jaw

We saw an opportunity to solve several machining problems with just one tool, and so we designed the Adaptix™ Soft Jaw.

Adaptix™ soft jaw – Enabling the CNC market to get a grip

Adaptix™ Soft Jaw grips nearly any part with comparable repeatability and clamping force as single-application soft jaws. This singular tweak to the CNC machining workflow can have a huge impact on several pain points in the industry.

  • Repeatability, performance, and unlimited flexibility for the CNC industry

  • Unique universal soft jaw technology allows new part creation and set up in just 60 seconds

  • Reduces production waste and storage costs, and improves operational effectiveness

  • Exchangeable tips allow different materials to be gripped – Tips come in multiple shapes and materials including steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass and nylon

  • Supports common vice brands including Kurt and Schunk, other brands will be added

  • Adaptix™ soft jaw is designed and tested for durability in an environment with constant fluid and chips present

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