Process Control

Unlocking a Sustainable Tomorrow with Adaptability and Agility for Process Industries

Across process control industries, precision, accuracy, and repeatability of critical components continues to drive product selection. Yet, more OEMs are now seeking the solutions to also support a sustainable future.

Industry Leading Solutions

Required to maintain operational efficiencies in extreme environments, including intense temperature and pressure ranges, Norgren is already delivering the industry-leading solutions to enable customers to reduce costs, consume less energy, and upscale productivity.

For OEMs operating in food and beverage, semi-conductor, agricultural, mining, and industrial cooling and tempering industries, flexible, scalable, and agile innovation is required to answer the challenges they face today and to deliver real competitive advantage to tomorrow.

Process Fluidic Control

With a powerful engineering heritage, Norgren is a world leader in process fluidic control and has the tried and tested product portfolio to support it.

Powered by our commitment to deliver Breakthrough Engineering for a Better World, our industry experts offer unrivalled engineering expertise, enabling us to closely collaborate with customers to unearth their intricate pain points. This knowledge acts as a catalyst; underpinning the bespoke innovation needed to deliver the sustainable integrated systems which support overall operational objectives and tackle the complex application challenges over the short, medium, and long term.

As the era of system connectivity continues to gain momentum and Industry 4.0 inspired data streams further inform enhanced decision making and better operational efficiencies, Norgren’s digital capabilities surrounding process controls technology will ensure we continue to play a pivotal role in ensuring customers unlock their business potential and create a competitive edge.

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