Rodless electric actuators

Norgren ELION Rodless Electric Actuators

Rodless electromechanical linear actuators are available in two drive options - toothbelt and ball screw. The toothbelt drive provides the highest speeds and longest strokes, and the ball screw drive is capable of moving higher loads with extremely accurate and repeatable positioning.

  • Accurate and Repeatable - Drive technologies and servo motor provides accurate and repeatable positioning.

  • High Speed & Fast Response - Toothbelt allows fast acceleration and highly dynamic control with speeds of up to 10 m/s.

  • Tolerates Offset Loads - Internal guidance system counteracts load moments.

  • High Load Capability - Precision ball screw and ball screw nut can withstand high loads.

  • Performance Monitoring - Integral motor sensors and external switches with IO-Link capability monitor actuator performance and enable planned maintenance.

  • Safety in Service - Servo motor with optional integrated holding brake enables actuators to self-lock when the power is isolated

  • Resistant to the Environment - Cover strip protects drive mechanisms from environmental factors. Carriage wipers remove contamination and guidance system is protected inside the actuator.

  • Smart Configurations - Online configurator enables quick and easy product selection based upon customer application input.

Video Technical Specification

  • 4 bore sizes

  • Internal guidance

  • Environmental cover strip

  • Robust construction

  • Maintenance free

  • Built on reliable and long-life Norgren technology

  • Step-down gearbox for toothbelt version

  • Wide range of motors, drives and accessories


  • Toothbelt and ball screw drive options

  • With or without servo motor

  • IO-Link capability

View Toothbelt Datasheet

View Ballscrew Datasheet

Configure Norgren ELION

Use our intuitive, easy to use, online configuration tool to find your Norgren ELION


Norgren ELION electric actuators are available with a range of servo drives offering maximum servo performance in a minimum size package.

Minimal footprint and exceptional power density make them one of the smallest servo drives on the market today.

  • 3 options available, 200 V to 400 V

  • EtherCAT, PROFINET, Ethernet/IP, DeviceNet and CANopen protocols

  • Small footprint

  • 250 µs cycle time

  • Built-in RS485 communication


Norgren ELION electric actuators are complemented by a range of high performance AC servo motors. Motors can be mounted axially or in parallel.

We offer a wide torque range from 0.16 Nm to 10.5 Nm, and a selection of feedback options.

  • Torque range: 0.16 Nm to 10.5 Nm

  • Optional holding brake

  • Flange size according to IEC-72-1

  • IP65 protection (motor only)

  • Low inertia

  • UL/CUL, CE and RoHS Compliant


Electric Actuator Video

Learn more about the Norgren ELION range of electric actuators.

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