Linear Axis- high-speed and fast response

A range of high-performance linear axes with a number of drive, guide and profile options.

​ ​ From light duty to heavy duty, from specialist applications in cleanrooms to ATEX zones, our extensive range means we can provide a linear axis unit to meet all needs.

Precision single linear axis units offer unique flexibility due to their modular construction from the highest quality profile, guide, drive, and accessory building blocks.

Each linear axis can be individually configured and modified, and in addition to our standard units, we also offer stainless steel and reinforced components suitable for applications in explosion protection (ATEX), food processing and clean room areas. We also offer a wide range of accessories such as motors, drives, connection shafts, switches, gearbox reducers, safety brakes, cable chains and more which allow us to customise our linear axis to your individual needs.

Linear axis with tooth belt drive
Linear axis with tooth belt drives can be found in every industry and in a variety of applications. No matter how often and how far you want to move your workpieces, belt-driven linear units are ideal for fast handling and positioning tasks. The linear axis is driven by a steel-reinforced tooth belt moving lightweight or heavy loads from point A to B within the desired cycle time. Characterised by high speeds, they deliver impressive results even over long travel distances. The positioning of the carriage is achieved by means of a roller guide or rail guide, depending on the product series and the application requirements.
High speed and repeatable
Fast acceleration (up to 30 m/s2) with speeds up to 10m/s. Repeatability of +/-0.1mm.
Suitable for all environments
For use in ATEX zones, clean rooms and vacuum applications.
Long service life
Drive technologies and bearing mechanisms​ enable high cycle life.​ ​
Linear axis with spindle drive
Linear axis with spindle drives can generate high feed forces and offer extremely precise positioning accuracy and repeatability - making them a popular standard in processing, dosing and positioning applications. Our spindle drives are characterised by excellent accuracy, guaranteed even under harsh operating conditions and with long operating times. The systems are driven either by a trapezoidal threaded spindle or by a ball screw spindle. For positioning the carriage, you can choose between a sliding guide, roller guide or rail guide.
High positioning accuracy
Ball screw drives are particularly suitable for applications with increased precision requirements. Ball screw drives achieve +/- 0.025mm.
High feed forces
Trapezoidal thread drives are suitable for transferring large axial forces. ​
Operating safety
Self-locking option with trapezoidal screw drives.
Linear axis with rack and pinion drive
Linear axis with rack and pinion drives are ideally suited for applications where extremely heavy loads need to be moved over long distances. Even with heavy loads, they provide the most precise positioning accuracy. Additionally, this design allows for several carriages to be operated independently of each other on the linear unit. Rack and pinion systems are ideal for lifting heavy loads and for use in cartesian systems. The positioning of the carriage is achieved using a roller guide or rail guide, depending on the product series and the application requirements.
Long service life
Racks and the rack wheels guarantee a very long service life​
Extended strokes
Any number of rack segments can be connected together, allowing long travel distances. ​
Multiple carriages
Multiple carriages each driven by a motor can move independently of each other if required.

Technical specifications and options

Norgren’s linear axis offer an array of features and benefits to meet all of your application needs.

Available with a wide range of options to ensure compatibility with your specific requirements, they can be fully customised to meet your precise specifications. The range features both internal and external guidance and robust construction with an environmental strip for added protection and durability. Built to last, they are certified to withstand difficult operating conditions, ensuring they are optimised for use even in the toughest environments.​

  • Size 30 – 200 mm

  • Strokes up to 60 m

  • Load max. 1000kg and more in combination

  • Speed max. 14 m/s

  • Acceleration max. 100 m/s²

  • Operating temperature -40ºC to 60ºC

  • Repeatability 0.02 – 0.1 mm

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