Precision Fluid Control

Norgren's precision fluid control heritage is built on comprehensive experience providing key components and integrated solutions including solenoid valves, pumps and syringes, mass flow controllers, electronic pressure controllers and acrylic manifolds that contribute to a better world by delivering reliable, repeatable and accurate performance for OEM devices.

Media specific material options ensure long life, even for the most demanding fluid control solution, regardless of pressure, temperature or cycle requirements, making them suitable for many critical applications, from complex medical equipment to harsh industrial environments.

Our customers can take advantage of our extensive range of individual parts, or have a custom manifold or assembly to meet the requirements of a specific application. Using Norgren's full product portfolio of standard and modular components delivers an unlimited number of configurations to meet your needs. Solutions with your choice of material, electrical connection, mounting, porting, and other options ensures the best fit for your application.

We have a world-class portfolio of products from industry leading brands including Norgren, FAS, Kloehn and KIP, that work individually or as assemblies to create simple or complex fluid paths, for a broad range of fluid control applications.

Precision Fluid Control Brochures

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