What is a Buschjost Twist-on-solenoid?

This article will explain what a Buschjost Twist-on-solenoid is, and how it works.

What is a Buschjost Twist-on®-solenoid?

The solenoid system with bayonet connection is easily mounted – just push down and turn.

How is the solenoid construed?

The internal components of the pilot system are captive. The plastic encased solenoid can be turned to 3 different positions, 120° apart, without using tools.

The various parts of the case are designed for high air flow. Available with internal BSP or NPT threaded connection to international standards.


What are the benefits?

The factory fitted silencer prevents annoying noise and stops ingress of foreign matter into the valve. The solenoid design of the pilot offers maximum security against frost. The volume above the diaphragm is minimised for extremely fast opening with optimised peak pressures. The similarly ideal closing time ensures low air consumption. All of the dynamically loaded valve elements are designed for a long lifetime.

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