Sustainability- Committed to creating a better world

Our purpose Breakthrough Engineering for a Better World places sustainability and ESG at the heart of our strategy. Our solutions help customers to improve energy and operational efficiency, sustainability, and safety.

Norgren is part of IMI plc, listed on the London Stock Exchange FTSE 100 and named one of Europe's Climate Leaders 2023 in the Financial Times.

We take our responsibilities to the environment and the communities in which we operate very seriously.

Inherent in our purpose is creating a better world for our customers, our communities and society. It permeates all that we do. We are mindful of the impact of our operations and our products, and we care about our people and our external relationships. This inspires us to strive for a future that is more sustainable, inclusive and responsible. Our sustainability pillars - Empowering People, Sustainable Solutions and Climate Action - are of critical importance to our overall ambition to deliver sustainable, profitable growth, and many of our innovative engineered solutions help our customers to improve energy and operational efficiency, sustainability, and safety throughout their operations.
Empowering people
We develop and empower our people to make an impact and create a better working world.
Sustainable solutions
We engineer tangible solutions that help our customers become safer, more sustainable and more productive.
Climate action
We play our part to address climate change by minimising the environmental impact across everything we do.
Responsible business
We are committed to operating responsibly and doing the right thing. Our new Code of Conduct was refreshed and shared across the business in 2022. In addition, our policies and procedures are updated regularly in line with the changing climate.
Empowering people
Our better world purpose focuses on creating a positive impact in our business, for our customers and the people in the communities in which we operate. Our values – customer intimacy, integrity, playing to win and one big team - guide all our interactions and inform our decisions.
Culture and employee engagement​
We foster inclusivity, offering growth opportunities for individuals and teams. Employee well-being is a priority, and our annual IMI Way Day unites all sites to communicate progress, discuss our purpose, and celebrate collective growth.
Inclusion and diversity
We are dedicated to an inclusive workplace that embraces diversity and empowers individuals. Our Inclusion and Diversity policy promotes an open and inclusive culture, and our company value of "One Big Team" ensures equal opportunities for all.
Health and safety
Prioritising health and safety and keeping our employees, and any individual entering our sites, safe is our number one priority. We take a proactive approach and strive to continuously improve our performance.
Sustainability highlights from 2022
We will play our part to address climate change by minimising the environmental impact across everything we do

Absolute CO2e emissions reduction from 2.78t in 2019​

Total water usage reduction from 2020 baseline (in m3)​

Norgren manufacturing sites have CO2 reduction plans in place

Sustainable Solutions
OEMs across many industries require innovative solutions to drive operational efficiencies, access performance insights, tackle energy consumption and safety challenges and underpin overall productivity objectives. Norgren is a world leader in fluid and motion control and together with our commitment to customer collaboration, we spearhead innovation for sustainable solutions that tackle complex production challenges over the short, medium, and long term.
Product stewardship
Identifying and solving small issues before they cause great impact will enhance operational efficiencies overall and reduce environmental impact.
Operational excellence
Procuring proven and premium products while assessing sustainability impacts, may well come with a higher upfront cost in the short term, but the longer-term benefits will ensure a tangible return.
R&D innovation
Instead of settling for systems that always operate at maximum capability, switch thinking to focus on outcomes first, and build a custom, sustainable, operationally efficient solution to get there.

Sustainability in Action

Climate action
Norgren has a sales and service network in 75 countries, technical centres in the USA, Germany, UK and China, and manufacturing facilities around the world. We are committed to operating all of these facilities in a sustainable way to minimise their impact on the environment by reducing energy and water use, pollution, waste and single-use plastics.
Energy and biodiversity
Continuous improvement processes are in place to reduce energy consumption across our manufacturing facilities - from renewable energy, LED lighting, and insulation to energy management systems. Biodiversity considerations are put in place throughout critical processes.
Managing, segregating and re-directing waste to recycling or other appropriate treatment channels, and minimising the use of packaging, paper and single-use plastics and converting to biodegradable alternatives where possible.
Where appropriate, our sites have water reduction actions in place. The majority only use water for domestic purposes but where it is used in manufacturing processes, we strive to use water efficiently and manage this through various initiatives.

Sustainability in Action

Responsible Business
We are committed to operating responsibly and doing the right thing. Our New Code of Conduct was refreshed and shared across the business in 2022.
Doing the right thing, always, is inherent in our purpose to deliver Breakthrough Engineering for a better world. Integrity is one of our core values and underpins everything we do. Our Code of Conduct sets out the standards we work to, and we have a number of standard operating procedures that underpin the Code of Conduct. You can view our policies and certification below.
Sustainability and ESG are at the heart of our strategy
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