Unlocking a Net Zero Future for Transportation OEMs

New energy forms are driving the transportation industry. From hydrogen powered fuel cells to battery electrification, the race is on to cut emissions for a net zero future. For commercial vehicle and rail industry OEMs, the challenge is to discover innovative solutions for a sustainable future, without compromising overall vehicle performance.

Norgren is collaborating and innovating to deliver cutting edge solutions to help transportation OEMs unlock a net zero tomorrow.

Customer-focussed Approach

A long-standing appreciation of the unique needs of both the rail industry and the commercial vehicle sector, fuels a customer-focussed approach to innovation that lies at the heart of the current and future value Norgren offers customers.

This collaborative ethos, coupled with our commitment to forward-thinking innovation, and our powerful heritage, is already seeing us provide OEMs with the systems and solutions to tackle the transportation challenges of today and tomorrow.

Innovative Engineering

Norgren is creating customer-focussed system and product solutions that deliver the cost effectiveness, reliability, and performance benefits that OEMs need today, while unearthing the innovative net zero solutions essential for tomorrow.

From releasing the potential of hydrogen as an energy source, to enabling efficient use of battery electrification systems, Norgren’s innovative engineering excellence is leading the way, allowing vehicle and rail manufacturers to achieve zero emissions targets of the future.

Norgren is excited to be part of the environmental revolution transforming the transportation industry, and proud to collaborate and partner with our customers to deliver Breakthrough Engineering for a better world.

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