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From the cold of China to the intense heat of the Australian outback, our precise components and local support safeguard lives, reduce life cycle costs and keep rail networks moving across cities and continents.

Effective, efficient, and safe.

The rail industry is facing an operating landscape dominated by pressures around sustainability, safety, and operational efficiencies. To be operationally effective, efficient, and safe, the industry requires tailored control system assurance and value-added support to help it deliver a reliable, high-performing and low-energy-consuming service that keeps goods moving.
Operational Efficiency

Designed for compliance with exacting rail industry standards
Addressing a challenging operating environment where excessive temperature ranges, voltage tolerances, vibration challenges and fire & smoke dangers are continually present.

Years of global rail expertise

Countries with local sales & service

Products designed for -40°C to +80°C

Custom rail solutions

Delivering customised solutions for metro, inter-city, high-speed and freight rolling stock, Norgren collaborates with many of the industry’s key organisations. From specialist OEMs to demanding train operators and busy maintenance teams, Norgren’s portfolio of innovative, robust, and compliant pneumatic control product solutions for the rail industry is built on a strong heritage, industry knowledge and technical expertise that addresses the unique operating challenges the industry faces.

All of Norgren’s rail-specific projects are based upon exact customer needs and the delivery of a customised solution providing the solutions maintenance professionals and rail engineers require. This includes control solutions that support essential rolling stock systems, including compressed air dryers, braking control components, door controls, pantograph and coupling control, water control and secondary suspension systems. All system technologies are designed for compliance with exacting rail industry standards:

  • EN 61373 Category 1 class A and B vibration resistance

  • EN 45545-2 Fire and Smoke

  • Temperatures ranging from -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +176°F)

  • Voltage tolerances of +/- 30%

Addressing a challenging operating environment where excessive temperature ranges, voltage tolerances, vibration challenges and fire and smoke dangers are continually present; Norgren’s wide-ranging solutions deliver consistent long-term performance, lower maintenance costs and are at the cutting edge of innovative thinking.

Secondary Suspension System Control
Valves for accuracy, long-life and operational efficiency.
The deterioration over time of control valve accuracy is a key industry issue associated with the long-term performance of secondary suspension systems. Norgren is leading the way in solving a problem prevalent across control solutions, which leads to increased costs and impacts rolling stock availability.
Long Life
Norgren’s mechanical levelling, average and compensation, over-height, and special electronic proportional levelling valves, provide extended accuracy over a longer period, meaning industry-standard refurbishment intervals of around five years can be extended to around eight to ten years.
Tested to meet relevant compliance standards, Norgren’s range of valves offer longer time periods between required maintenance and adjustment, ensuring reduced pressure on resources.
Pantograph Control
Control innovation to deal with operating challenges.
The environment in which train pantograph control systems operate presents ongoing challenges. Positioned on train roofs and exposed to extreme weather variances and ever-higher travelling speeds, the components that make up the pantograph control system must guarantee reliability and performance.
From a specially created modular control assembly that can reduce installation and commissioning times, to an ability to withstand both high and low operating temperature environments - as well as rigorously evaluated and validated for operation on high-speed trains - the robust characteristics of Norgren’s pantograph control solutions are proven.
Long Life
From proportional valves, pressure regulators and pressure switches and innovative ‘auto drop down’ and ‘over-reach’ control functions, pantograph control can be assured for the long-term.
Braking Control
Braking components to be relied upon.
The critical importance of train braking systems is non-negotiable and with it the need for all braking control systems and components to perform to the highest standards to ensure passenger safety.
Norgren’s industry-proven components – including solenoid valves, regulators, and pressure switches – are intrinsic elements of a successful and ultra-reliable train braking control system.
Long Life
Offering flexible mounting, a wide temperature range, resistance to vibration, high tolerance, and surge suppression, as well as long performance life, Norgren’s components are widely specified across the global rail sector.
Delivering expertise, solutions, and value to the global rail sector for over 45 years.
Robust, reliable, and custom solutions for the rail industry.
We work closely with maintenance professionals and rail engineers to deliver customised, practical solutions to the metro, intercity, highspeed, freight and permanent-way rail industries. By listening and responding to specific customer challenges, we help make significant improvements and savings in terms of cost of ownership, energy efficiency, reduced maintenance and more.


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