Industrial Communication

Industrial Communication

IO-Link is revolutionising Industrial Automation by offering a standardised and seamless communication interface for all IO-Link devices, with simple installation and a complete range of diagnostics functionality. A globally standardised (IEC 61131-9) communication system for connecting sensors and many other components, without any complex wiring, to a control system.

IO-Link Masters and I/O Modules

Norgren’s NC series includes IO-Link Masters, I/O Modules (Hubs) and a wide range of cables and connectors. The IO-Link masters for field applications are gateways for the connection of up to eight IO-Link devices and the higher-level communication system, such as an Industrial Ethernet. The master transmits machine data, process parameters and diagnostic data to the controller over various networks, making the data accessible for immediate action or long-term analysis via an industrial information system (PLC, HMI, etc.) 

The product range includes interfaces to PROFINET and Ethernet/IP. All the features of the NC series ensure maximum flexibility, together with reduced cabling and installation time, and the building blocks for a complete connected solution.


  • Connected
    PROFINET and EtherNet/IP – Port Class A and Port Class B.
  • Expandable
    I/O Modules (Hubs) can be easily added – acting as an IO-Link device.
  • Easy Installation
    Cables are premade plug and socket, making it plug and play.
  • Simple Design
    Standard building blocks make system design modular and simple. Electrical design is simplified as I/O Modules can be configured depending on the input and output requirement.
  • Diagnostics
    Pinpoint faults in the network quickly and precisely.


Software and Configuration

The Norgren IO-Link Configuration Tool provides easy and fast parameter setting for Norgren masters. The free version provides automatic identification (download of IODD files) of all IO-Link devices and viewing of all device parameters.