Pantograph Control

Pantograph Control

With high-speed trains becoming faster, pantograph systems are expected to be more responsive to height variations. We design and manufacture pneumatic systems that attach to pantographs, and retract quickly, reliably and accurately from the overhead power cables when required.

Pneumatic pantograph control systems

  • Actuation and control solutions for raising and lowering the pantograph
  • Precision regulation or proportional pressure valves used to achieve constant contact
  • Use of valves, pressure switches, filters and regulators for control panels
  • Compact and modular control solutions
  • Ability to work in both high and low temperatures (-40°C to +80°C)
  • Tested to 400km/h trains to withstand external elements and constant shock and vibration
  • Optional ‘Auto Drop Down’ (ADD) and ‘over-reach’ control function

High flow precision regulator for pantograph systems

Pantograph systems are expected to work harder as train manufacturers continue to develop faster trains. If the pantograph is detached from the wire, arching can occur, reducing the life of the wire and carbon strip.

Our LR27H is a fast response, high flow precision regulator, which enables the pantograph to respond to the height variations on electric overhead lines. The pressure regulator is the heart of the pantograph system, as it regulates and maintains the force of the carbon strip onto the overhead wires.

As the wires are mounted between supports, the pantograph needs to extend and retract with the height variations of the wires. The faster the train, the faster the reaction time needed. It provided unrivalled performance, with a rapid, quiet and stable operation, in a temperature of -40°C to +80°C.

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