Suspension Systems

Suspension Systems

Rail suspension systems are a notoriously harsh environment. Our innovative valve technology, boasting exceptional reliability and safety credentials, is resilient to extreme temperatures and designed for easy maintenance.

We have a range of mechanical and proportional valves that are ideally suited to the harsh conditions rail suspension systems are subjected to:

  • Lever valves with integrated position sensors
  • Proportional control valve technology, for easier suspension setup and levelling during rail car commissioning
  • Active filtering to allow air saving
  • Platform height control
  • Tilting control
  • CAN interface
  • Position feedback from shock absorber
  • Easy replacement of existing shock absorbers
  • Highly robust proportional control valve, suitable for underframe mounting and harsh environments
  • Cartridge proportional valve can be integrated into customised manifold or customer-specific valve body
  • Easy integration into train control system, allowing active tilting and platform height control

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