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Wij hebben brochures wat gericht is op onze sector ervaringen, producten en toepassingen. U kunt dit online bekijken, downloaden of aanvragen.


Product overview catalogue

Products range from solenoid and control valves to pressure-actuated angle-seat valves to customer-specific solutions.


CNG Valve Technology

Read about our high quality components and our complete system solutions for the Compressed Natural Gas industry.

Heating & Air Conditioning Control

IMI Buschjost's heating & air control solutions for commercial vehicles & coaches


Anti-Water Hammer

Read how our IMI Buschjost valves have Water Hammer prevention as standard.

Angle Seat Valves

Read how our IMI Buschjost angle seat valves deal with higher temperatures, aggressive, high viscous or contaminated mediums.

Beverage Dispense Valves

Read how our IMI Buschjost valves off a number of advantages in fully automatic professional coffee machines.

Dust Filter Valves

Read how our innovative dust filter valves have been developed to allow efficient and inexpensive cleaning.

Filter Technology

Read about reducing compressed air usage.

Flange Valves

Read how our IMI Buschjost flanged valves impress with their proven and innovative technology.

High Pressure Solutions

Read about our quality solutions for high pressure applications including products capable of managing pressures up to 1000 bar.

Labyrinth Piston Valves

Read how our IMI Buschjost valves can double service life.

Modular valve design

IMI Buschjost's modular valve design offers countless configurations.

Valves for water & more

Read how we can help more and treat clean water responsibly with our magnetically driven diaphragm valves.

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