Air Inlet Throttle

Air Inlet Throttle

Our technical innovation is clearly showcased in new air throttle technology which assists EGR by helping manage exhaust temperatures and with minimal impact on fuel consumption.

Air inlet throttle technologies for passenger cars are unable to meet the more severe operating conditions required by heavy duty engine applications.

Our latest innovations in air inlet throttles are smart, meaning they incorporate local control and condition monitoring and communicate with the vehicle network via CAN. Using a proven DC brushless motor, directly coupled to a throttle body and air control flap, they have already appeared in incentive engines within vehicles to be purchased by early adopters of the Euro VI standard.

Air inlet throttle

Our inlet throttle optimises the pressure gradient driving EGR, allowing the best in cylinder combustion conditions under a wide range of operating modes.The throttle assists in the cold start of emissions components, reducing the amount of oxygen available to them. By forcing immediate shutdown on key off, the throttle eliminates the ‘run-on’ which is commonly found in modern high-compression engines. To avoid shutting off the engine unintentionally, the throttle automatically returns to the open position under its own spring force in the event of any potential failure.

In delivering these benefits, the inlet throttle meets a number of key design parameters including speed, resolution, repeatability, durability and sealing capacity. The performance level demanded of these systems requires the use of a compact and durable motor with a very high power density.

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