Electric Motion

Electric Motion: Selecting the Best Solution for your Needs

The requirements for modern industrial automation applications are becoming increasingly complex, therefore it is essential to select the best possible solution for each application. Electric motion offers the perfect solution when precise control, accurate positioning and repeatability is essential.

Norgren’s range of electric motion solutions is built on extensive application experience delivering Electric Cylinders and Precision Linear Axis, in addition to Cartesian and Gantry Systems for customised Multi Axis control.

Designed to meet our customers' requirements, our high-performance electric motion solutions are suitable for a variety of industries including material handling, pick & place, packaging and lifting. Modular product design provides high flexibility and customization for single and multi axis automation applications. The range offers replacement options for pneumatic actuation to custom solutions for high specification automation.

From improving speed, productivity, reliability, and efficiency of equipment, to generating significant energy savings, or lowering total cost of ownership across many industries, our electric motion products deliver Breakthrough Engineering you can count on.

“Total design flexibility for made-to-measure multi axis systems”

Electric Cylinders

Designed to meet our customers' requirements, our flagship range of high performance electromechanical linear actuators are suitable for a variety of industrial applications. The ISO standard rod-style, ball screw actuators are available with or without servo motors, in 6 bore sizes and with 2 motor mounting options. Accurate and repeatable, they offer long life, easy Installation based on ISO 15552; and with optional IP65 protection for both axial and parallel mounted motors they offer a solution for all application environments.

Linear Axis

Precision single linear axis units offer unique flexibility due to their modular construction from the highest quality profile, guide, drive, and accessory building blocks. Linear axis with toothbelt drives can be found in almost every industry and in a variety of applications and are ideal for fast handling and positioning tasks. The linear axis is driven by a steel-reinforced toothbelt moving lightweight or heavy loads from A to B within the desired cycle time. Linear axis with spindle drives generate high feed forces and offer extremely precise positioning accuracy and repeatability - making them a popular standard in processing, dosing and positioning applications.

Multi Axis Systems

Complex multi axis systems are essential in today’s industrial world, and they play an increasingly significant role in machine construction. Custom designed to solve your specific application challenges, we offer unlimited guide and drive combination possibilities, and a variety of configurations including H, XY & XYZ. To ensure we meet your exact specifications, our experienced technical team provide comprehensive needs assessment, advice, and technical support from design to delivery.

Modular System Options

We have a solution for nearly any application.  Modular design options, high-quality products, and exceptional technical support mean this range is flexible enough to handle even the most complex multi-axis motion requirements.

Modular System Options



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