Body Builders

Body Builders

We provide pneumatic solutions for a wide variety of applications for industry OEMs and specialist body builders. We have a long history of supplying reliable, high-performance products designed for challenging on-vehicle environments.

  • Tailgate and tipper control
  • Side-wall locking
  • Pneumatic hand rail actuation
  • Pneumatic pilot system for hydraulics
  • Load cover / automatic sheeting control
  • Pneumatic interlocks
  • Boom control / counter balance
  • High pressure jetting control
  • Wide sweep brush positioning
  • Proportional brush pressure control
  • Variable tank volume and evacuation control
  • Suction control
  • Spreading / gritting control
  • Pneumatic trailer coupling

Sweeper brush positioning

Municipal vehicles place extreme demands on the pneumatic components in their systems due to the harsh environments in which they operate.

Proportional control is used to ensure the most consistent positioning of the pneumatic cylinders to achieve optimum cleaning performance. Other benefits of this proportional control are fast and accurate obstacle avoidance, needed when navigating a variety of road and pavement conditions.

Tipper control

With the ever-increasing need to improve driver safety, tipper controls are now often located away from the areas of danger where the load is being emptied. This frequently results in pneumatic control being located in and around the cab environment, ensuring that the driver is out of harm’s way. We have a varied range of valves that have been used in these applications for many years.

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