Filtration Systems

Filtration Systems

Robust and reliable air preparation equipment. As the inventor of the automatic airline lubricator in 1927, we have a deep insight into the air preparation problems facing many industries, especially rail.

Engine-driven air compressors used on rail vehicles are known to pass significant amounts of oil and carbon deposits into compressed air systems. Our multi-stage filtration system – now fitted to vehicles throughout the world – has resulted in significant improvements in particulate and oil removal, leading to better durability and reliability, and significant savings for operators on installation and maintenance costs:

  • Excellent filtration performance ensures reliability of downstream components and systems
  • Modular system
  • Pre-assembled package minimises installation time
  • Optional visual or electric service life indicator
  • Manual or automatic drains for filters and condensate tanks. Automatic units can be
    electrically or pilot operated
  • 40 micron and 5 micron filters for bulk water and solid particulate removal
  • Coalescing filter for oil/water aerosol removal and sub micron particulate removal
  • Carbon filter for oil vapour removal. Oil and particles removed from downstream – ISO 8573-1
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Cost effective over the full lifecycle

Case Study - Oil-free Compressed Air

Rolling stock owners have encountered major reliability problems with their vehicles due to the engine driver compressor constantly passing oil further down the vehicle to the sub systems.

The large amounts of oil, carbon and water produced by the engine-driven compressor enter the vehicle system, causing failures that affect the train’s reliability and safety. This reliability problem has a major impact on running costs due to increased maintenance and vehicle system failures, which can range from £25 to £1,000 per minute in out-of-service costs.

In response, our UK Technical Team, together with a rail approval institution, developed a four-stage filtration system to remove the oil and water being carried to the vehicle sub systems. This system has been proven to be successful and the customer has asked for it to be incorporated into its fleet of 660 vehicles.

We exceeded customer expectations by offering a bespoke solution that met budgetary costs, as well as delivering a short installation time, which resulted in vehicle trials commencing sooner. The ‘oil carry over’ solution gives the customer true added value, with extended lifecycle costs, and a payback on investment within one year.

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