Mirror Control

Mirror Control

We have supplied the global rail sector with complete rear view mirror and control systems for more than 10 years.

Fitted to both sides of the train, and used to allow the driver to check movement of passengers in the train station, the mirror retracts to the train body for protection once the train reaches 20kph.

Pneumatically Operated Mirrors
  • Fully adjustable and can be fixed in any position
  • Smooth, slow opening and closing movement
  • Rail temperature and vibration tested
  • Bespoke solution to suit individual needs
  • Complete system, including the mirror and controls

Pneumatic/Electric Operated Mirrors
  • Pneumatic and electrically retractable mirror, operated from the dashboard
  • Complete solutions including mirror assembly with mechanism, pneumatic/electric actuation and control

Mirror Control Positioning
  • Special pneumatic actuator and controls
  • Force resistance at high speed
  • External speed and cushion adjustment
  • Fully integrated design
  • Wide temperature range
  • Highly reliable operation

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