The IMI FAS 16 mm FASPROP supplies the most precise gas flow control available for gas chromatography and other analytical equipment. FASPROP features a very small orifice – 0.05 mm, as thin as a hair – enabling precise flow control in the ml range up to 12 bar.

Featuring our renowned IMI FAS flat spring and flat plunger technology, FASPROP is a high-resolution precision miniature proportional valve with unmatched reliability and repeatability.

FASPROP has excellent control characteristics in closed loop applications.

  • 2/2 NC - Cartridge mounting and flange mounting
  • High controllability in dosing gases in millilitre range
  • High stability in closed loop control systems
  • Cleaned for analytical applications
  • Repeatable proportional characteristic over the lifetime

FASPROP proportional valve combines the highly reliable IMI FAS flat plunger / flat spring technology with very small orifice sizes to precisely control flow in the ml/min range.

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High Controllability

FASPROP is available with the smallest orifice in the industry enabling the precise control of gases below 20 ml/min. 


High Stability

The unique combination of a light plunger and a strong spring provides high stability to closed loop control systems.


The integration of FASPROP is facilitated by its compact size and its cartridge design.

Proven IMI FAS technology

Technology already in the well established IMI FAS FLATPROP valves, the most reliable valves for anesthesia and ventilation devices on the market.

Designed for demanding applications

FASPROP is best suited to precision gas dosing, mixing mass flow or volumetric flow control.

Assembly in controlled environment

Precision assembly in a controlled and specially clean environment for analytical applications.


Take a look at our datasheet to find out more about FASPROP.