Representing a breakthrough in terms of performance and integration, we developed FLEXISOL to precisely control gases within portable medical devices and diagnostic instruments.

FLEXISOL - "a micro valve for a macro world"

FLEXISOL represents a breakthrough in terms of performance and integration. With a footprint of only 6.5mm, FLEXISOL has the  flow characteristic of an 8mm valve. Its integration in devices or instruments is simplified by its unique connection features:

  • Only one fixation screw
  • Direct connection to PCB
  • One captive seal

Thanks to a low power consumption (0.8W) and its size, FLEXISOL is the ideal candidate to control gases in portable medical devices and analytical instruments. Its excellent reliability – up to 50 million cycles – enables its use in other demanding applications in industrial automation.

The smallest valve in the IMI FAS range, FLEXISOL combines unique features offering unmatched flow to size ratio. The unique connection features, such as a single fixation screw, direct connection to PCB, and one captive seal, simplify its integration in medical devices and instruments.

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FLEXISOL is a direct-acting 2-way or 3-way valve. Mechanical connection is made with one screw and the electrical connector is directly connected to a PCB.


To ensure reliability in various demanding environments, FLEXISOL underwent numerous standardised tests inclduing thermal, shock and vibration tests.


FLEXISOL integration is facilitated by its very small size and a flange mounting. Pneumatic and electrical connections are made simultaneously.


Take a look at our datasheet to find out more about FLEXISOL.