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Our latest product range pushes the boundaries of Industrial Automation, from mining and textiles to food and beverage and factory automation.

Reliable, High Performance, Precision Engineered

Breakthrough Engineering is at the heart of our offering and is an integral element in driving the essential systems we all rely upon. From improving speed, productivity, reliability and efficiency of equipment, to generating significant energy and cost savings, or lowering total cost of ownership across many industries - our latest solutions are designed to help our customer's pursue progress, achieve new goals and overcome problems.

We offer insight, technical excellence and a true collaborative approach to help our customer's forge a brighter future by Breakthrough Engineering for a Better World.  From Electric Actuation to Air Preparation, and IIOT connectivity, we offer innovative solutions to keep our customer's machines and processes running, with even more intelligence, safety and efficiency.

Excelon® Plus 82/84 Series

The latest generation of Air Preparation equipment developed to meet the needs of today's customer. Available in two body sizes and four port sizes 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2” or 3/4”to suit all applications.

Integrated Electronic Pressure Sensor (IEPS)

Easy to install & programme. Adjustable settings including setpoint, tolerance, hysteresis, pressure units, temperature units and screen orientation.

34D Electronic Pressure Sensor

IO-Link capable pressure sensors for pneumatic and allfluid process media with pressure range options from vacuum up to 600 bar. Available in two body sizes and four port sizes 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2” or 3/4”to suit all applications.

54D Electronic Pressure Sensor

Electronic pressure sensors with IO-Link capability for general purpose pneumatic applications. Robust PBT engineering polymer housing with IP65 ingress protection as standard.

IO-Link Masters and Modules

Norgren’s NC series includes IO-Link Masters, I/O Modules (Hubs) and a wide range of cables and connectors. A  gateway for connecting up to eight IO-Link devices, the NC series provides a decentralised solution, ensuring maximum flexibility, together with reduced cabling and installation time.

VR Series Valve Islands

New levels of flexibility and modularity with a simple-to-use sub-base design that allows for valves to be easily installed, exchanged and maintained. Suitable for a broad range of Industrial Automation markets and supported by an intuitive on-line Valve Island configurator.

Rod-style Electric Actuators

Norgren ELION high performance ISO standard rod-style electromechanical linear actuators offer power, repeatability, precise control and positional accuracy in a clean, quiet package with low running costs.

Rodless Electric Actuators

Norgren ELION, our flagship range of Rodless electromechanical linear actuators are available in two drive options, toothbelt and ball screw, to provide customers with full control over force and speed.