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Solenoid Valves with Differential Pressure

These valves operate according to a differential pressure and make use of the pressure energy of the operating fluid to open and close the valve. This allows for lower power consumption and a higher pressure in your system.

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Solenoid Valves without Differential Pressure

Solenoid valves without pressure differential do not require any operating or differential pressure in your system to open or close, and operate from 0 bar upwards.

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Valves for Dust Filters

These valves provide an intense pulse of air blasts into the soiled filter element causing dust and loose dirt from the filter fall to the ground. Dust filter valves for air-blasting have been developed to allow efficient and inexpensive cleaning.

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Pressure Actuated Valves

These valves combine direct and indirect actuation and are called force lift valves. These valves combine the advantages of direct actuation (no minimum pressure/flow required) and indirect actuation (relatively high flow at high pressure).

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