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Self-Monitoring Safety Valves

The SCVA is a pneumatically monitored valve eliminating the need for further electronic systems. With the appropriate application, performance level "e" (cat. 4) of DIN EN ISO 13849-1 is achieved for the safety function "Pressure building up from '1' to '2' and pressure dropping from '2' to '3' ".

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Self-Monitoring Safety Valves with Soft-Start

In applications requiring a controlled re-start of the air supply, the SCSQ includes a variable soft start function. This can be adjusted to suit the downstream volume and required fill rate. Like the SCVA, the SCSQ is pneumatically monitored to meet the requirements of current safety legislation and requires no additional electronics.

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Two-Hand Control Unit

The standard Herion two-hand start unit can be fitted to any machine function where the requirement exists for the operator to utilise both hands in order to begin operation. Both buttons need to be operated within 0.5 seconds in order to achieve an output. The unit is supplied as a strong, sealed unit designed to prevent accidental operation.

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T-Lockout Valves

When carrying out maintenance on machine installations, the safety of personnel is of vital importance. “LOTO” or “lock out tag out” is a primary function required before any work begins. The air supply to the area should be isolated and the downstream air exhausted quickly and safely then locked to ensure safety of the workforce. Our lock out valves provide a solution to this task, and are easily fitted into the system.

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