Freight Systems

Rail Freight Systems

We provide standard and customised products that are purpose-built to perform in heavy duty freight applications, delivering years of reliable operation in the harshest environments.

Designed for the automated control of freight top hatch and bottom doors, our pioneering solutions provide safe, efficient filling and unloading. They provide ease of use and welcome flexibility for your rail operation, as well as helping lower the total cost of ownership.

Wagon discharge automation systems

  • Special actuators and control systems
  • Heavy duty cylinders for discharge door and top hatch operation
  • Customised mounting options
  • Special purpose control valves
  • Air preparation, including filters, ‘Y’ strainers, check valves, dryers, regulators, isolation valves - drain valves ensure reliable operation
  • Improves freight handling efficiency and safety
  • Robust and reliable operation
  • Lower total cost of ownership

Latching cylinders

  • Able to positively lock a cylinder in the ‘in stroke’ and ‘out stroke’ position
  • Safely and securely hold loads in place in the event of air pressure loss or failure
  • Manual override to allow manual operation if compressed air not available
  • Requires only a single control valve to fulfil all functions
  • Reduced components circuitry, installation time and weight
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Suitable for applications including freight wagon top hatch and discharge doors and ‘clawlock’ points control

Shutter cylinders for locomotives

  • Control the opening and closing of shutters as part of a temperature controlled application
  • Fits into the existing space envelope
  • Easy to rebuild
  • Proven actuator technology

Freight testing equipment

AUTOSCAT is a single car air tester that can be simply carried by one person to the wagon that needs to be tested. It is connected to the wagon and an air supply, and simply by pressing the start button, the tests are carried out automatically while the operator performs visual checks.

The operator gets a visual indication of test passes or failures on the front of the unit. Once complete, the unit is connected to a PC, the data downloaded, and the information for each test displayed in an easy-to-read report. This allows better understanding and diagnosis of the recorded test information for each wagon.

  • Reduce time taken to perform the overall operation
  • Reduce downtime costs incurred
  • Reduce human error
  • Increased daily test output
  • Reduce the size of the testing unit
  • Increase portability
  • Reduce manual handling
  • Improve OH&S

Freight automated control

IMI Norgren control system solutions are designed for automated control of applications including wagon top hatch and discharge doors.

  • Compact and modular control systems
  • Bespoke customer manifolds
  • Rail validated components
  • Robust and reliable operation
  • Low temperature range of -40°C
  • Shock and vibration tested to EN 61373,
    Category 1, class A and B
  • Global Sales and Technical support

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