Water Management

Water Management

We can call on over three decades of experience in supplying high performance solenoid valves for water systems on board rail vehicles. This includes buffet and restaurant cars, drainage and sewage systems and toilet flushing applications.

Bistro cars

Centralised control of freshwater supply and grey water drainage of catering restaurant applications.

  • Customised valves and control systems
  • Modular, space-saving design
  • Can be integrated with other systems
  • Precise and safe control
  • Rapid fill and drain designs

Waste water

  • Special 2/2 pilot-operated valve, with pilot solenoid
  • Extremely reliable operation, even with contamination
  • +/-30% voltage tolerance and surge suppression eliminate damage from power fluctuations and spikes
  • Simple installation
  • Optional fully integrated solutions
  • High flow for rapid drainage
  • Automatic operation replaces labour intensive manual operation

Toilet control

Pneumatic control of toilet flushing systems:

  • Integrated electro-pneumatic control system
  • Simplified, low cost design
  • Customised control systems and ‘Plug and Play’ designs
  • Optional system monitoring, feedback and isolation
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Single flush and dual flush designs
  • Optional CAN interface

Case Study - Freeze Protection

Various systems on a passenger train require a water supply, from the buffet car to the carriage toilets. When a train is not in service, water left in the system can freeze, potentially damaging systems or preventing the train from being started.

Components have been developed over the years to automatically drain the water when the train is out of service if the temperature falls towards zero, but many of these systems are unreliable.

A rail operator had major reliability issues with the existing freeze protection system on board their passenger trains. It was slow to respond to changes in temperature and was unreliable and time consuming to maintain.

Our solution combines our expertise with that of IMI Hydronic Engineeering. More accurate than the existing system, it senses the water temperature , rater than the ambient temperature of the drain port. It is easy to maintain due to the cartridge design, which can be repalced without disruption to the pipework. It fits into the existing envelope, performance is independent of pressure variance and it consumes less energy. Using a rail-proven solenoid valve, the solution ensures reliable and constant performance over an increased lifetime.

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