Our expertise in supplying to the PET industry covers 7 bar standard pneumatics to 20 bar P1 and 40 bar P2 solutions. Our range of products includes 40 bar blowing blocks, cooling valves, air recovery products, pneumatic stretch actuators and capping cylinders for hot and cold fill processes.

A market leader in bottling plants aimed to increase productivity for its customers, while also generating cost and energy savings.

Our compact designs enabled the external dimensions of the valve block to be minimised. With our patented plastic piston technology, dead space volume was reduced by more than 60% driving significant cost savings.

Technically, the savings were achieved by an integrated choke and check valve for the first pressure stage, ensuring an optimum setting for the blowing process for each bottle type.

Together with other improvements to the stretch blow moulder, we’ve helped increase productivity and cut annual operating costs by €60,000 for the end user.

As an additional benefit, the flange-mounting design means the blowing blocks can be serviced easily without the need for detaching hoses.

T32 Series High Pressure Silencer


  • Port size: R1... R1 1/4
  • Noise reduction up to 35 dBA
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Good flow capacity
  • Compact design

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