Diagnostic Instrumentation

Diagnostic Instrumentation

We have a long history of working with large OEM's and the cutting edge startups working on the latest technologies in IVD Diagnostic, Flow Cytometry or the market changing developments in Professional Point of Care (POC) or Liquid Biopsy instruments for identifying Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC).

Our engineers are uniquely qualified in recommending the specific solutions for your needs. Be it a syringe pumps with discrete or continuous flow, micro solenoid valves for liquid applications and gas handling to providing a complete integrated manifold solution.

Key products that can be fully integrated into your fluidic path:

  • Syringe pumps: continuous and discrete flows
  • Syringes: patented ZDV (zero dead volume) tips unique in the market
  • Manifolds: the latest technology in custom engineered plastic manifolds
  • Liquid valves: a wide range of options, superior performance and cost effective solutions
  • Regulators: a wide range of general purpose and precision regulators to handle gas and water

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