With over 30 years of experience in this field, we have successfully developed hundreds of individual syringe designs compatible with a wide variety of aggressive media and operational conditions.

Our Kloehn syringe technology includes gas tight seal syringes, liquid seal and positive displacement syringes. While the majority of our syringes are manufactured with glass barrels, we also make custom syringes from other materials such as acrylic, ceramic, PEEK and stainless steel to meet our customers' individual needs.

In both the gas tight and liquid tight syringes, the volume dispensed is a function of the glass barrel bore. Using a proprietary process, we control this bore size to the strictest tolerances to ensure the highest levels of dispense accuracy. We also offer a variety of positive displacement syringes where the volume dispensed is a function of the plunger rod diameter.

Our standard product offering caters to the majority of life science instrumentation but our dedicated engineering team is always available to take on new challenges and help create a truly differentiated market leading product.


Pump Syringes

Our pump syringes are designed to combine with the Kloehn 3cm and 6cm syringe pumps including multi-channel pumps. Our syringes are offered with PTFE, PEEK or UHMW as wetted materials and can be ordered with special tip designs to eliminate carryover between samples.

Manual Syringes

Our manual syringes are designed for manual operation but may also be mounted to fit on auto-samplers for automatic and repeatable use. Specially coated to minimize carryover, they are also offered in a variety of tip and needle styles.

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