Product & Solution Brochures

We have a wide selection of brochures that focus on our high performance products and solutions. Each brochure can be viewed online, downloaded and printed.

Actuator Brochures

ISO Standard Cylinders

Read how our market leading range of ISO standard cylinders have been proven in the market and in the most challenging environments. 

IVAC Actuators

Read how IVAC features integrated valve and magnetically operated switches for complete actuator control.

Air Preparation Brochures

AMT Compressed Air Dryers

Read how our AMT Rail Dryer improves reliability and durability for rail compressed air applications.

Excelon® Plus

Read how our latest generation of IMI Norgren air preparation has been developed to meet the needs of today's customers.

Instrument Air & Gas Preparation

Read how our instrument gas and air preparation solutions protect sensitive and expensive instrumentation and controls from water, oil and particle contamination.

Valve Brochures

Angle Seat Valves

Read how our IMI Buschjost angle seat valves deal with higher temperatures, aggressive, high viscous or contaminated mediums.

Anti-Water Hammer

Read how our IMI Buschjost valves have Water Hammer prevention as standard.

Beverage Dispense Valves

Read how our IMI Buschjost valves off a number of advantages in fully automatic professional coffee machines.

Dust Filter Valves

Read how our innovative dust filter valves have been developed to allow efficient and inexpensive cleaning.

Flanged Valves

Read how our IMI Buschjost flanged valves impress with their proven and innovative technology.

Heating & Air Conditioning Control

IMI Buschjost's heating & air control solutions for commercial vehicles & coaches

ICO4-PST Solenoid Valves

Read about the IMI Maxseal ICO4-PST, the first smart solenoid valve with fully integrated partial stroke testing.

IMI Buschjost Overview Catalogue

Products range from solenoid and control valves to pressure-actuated angle-seat valves to customer-specific solutions.

Labyrinth Piston Valves

Read how our IMI Buschjost valves can double service life.

Modular valve design

IMI Buschjost's modular valve design offers countless configurations.

Proportional Valves

View our extensive range of proportional valves - analogue and digital, open or closed loop, flow or pressure control.

Rail VT Ball Valves

VT Ball valves for the rail sector with improved reliability and durability.

Redundant Valve Manifold (RVM)

Read how our redundant valve manifold system (RVM) combines safety and availability in a single convenient package.

Valves for water & more

Read how we can help more and treat clean water responsibly with our magnetically driven diaphragm valves.

VM Series Valve Islands

Read how the VM series gives you the versatility to choose the features you need.

VS Series Valve Islands

Read how the VS series gives you the versatility to choose the features you need.

Pressure Switch Brochures

21D Pressure Switches

Read about our 21D pressure switch is robust, flexible and accurate.

Solution Brochures

Custom Solutions Brochure

Learn more about our expertise in creating customised control panels.

Filter Technology

Read about reducing compressed air usage.

Functional Safety

Read about our proven solutions for safety technology.

High Pressure Solutions

Read about our quality solutions for high pressure applications including products capable of managing pressures up to 1000 bar.

Hydraulic Capability

Read about how IMI Herion hydraulic valves and actuators are used in general machinery construction and many other fields.


Read about our innovative solutions to increase quality and reduce cost.

Motion & Fluid Control product overview

Read about our market leading product brands.

Safe Systems

Read about our proven products for safer pneumatic systems.

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