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At Norgren, we are investing and developing the digital tools and services to provide easy, secure ordering 24/7, and self-service support, as, when and how, you need it. See how easy it is.

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Our product videos are a great way of seeing our range of high performance products, quickly and easily.


An advanced range of ISO standard cylinders with a new Adaptive Cushioning System for safer, smoother operation.


IVAC is a weight-optimised actuator featuring integrated valve and magnetically operated switches for complete actuator control.

Norgren ELION
Rod Style

Our flagship range of high performance ISO standard rod-style electromechanical linear actuators are suitable for a variety of industrial applications.

Norgren ELION Rodless

Our flagship range of high performance ISO standard Rodless electromechanical linear actuators are available in two drive options - toothbelt and ball screw.

Excelon Plus

The latest generation Air Preparation equipment developed to meet the needs of today's customer. Available in two body sizes and four port sizes 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2” or 3/4”to suit all applications.

M/50 Switch with IO-Link Capability

Our new M/50 Switch with IO-Link Capability makes actuators and sensors active participants in every process chain.

VM/VS Series Valve Islands

Offering market leading flow rates, almost unlimited configuration and a choice of connectivity now including PROFINET IRT and EtherNet/IP.

VR Series Valve Islands

A simple plug-in, sub-base style design allows for valves to be easily exchanged for easy installation and maintenance.

AMT Dryer

High efficiency Adsorbent Media Tube (AMT) air dryer providing variable pressure dew point suppression

Flex-on® Filter Cleaning System

Optimal cleaning results, custom modular construction, one-stop shop for all components - the new Flex-on® Filter Cleaning System from Buschjost.

Flange Valves

Introducing the new larger sized DN 65, DN 80 and DN 100 flanged valves - a completely new generation of flange valves.


Our first miniature mass flow controller (MFC), designed to precisely control low flow rates (0 to 0.5 sl/min) or higher flow rate (0 to 10sl/min).


FASPROP is a low flow proportional valve for precision gas dosing or mixing, mass flow or volumetric flow control and pressure control.


FLEXISOL precisely controls gases within portable medical devices and diagnostic instruments.

FAS Microsol MS-E

Microsol MS-E is a media separated valve to control aggressive and sensitive media.

FAS Co-development

Fludic and Electronic co-development

Service Videos

See our range of services to help you find and select the right products for your applications, when you need them.

Norgren Express App

When you need a replacement pneumatic part for a critical piece of precision machinery, time is of the essence.

Norgren Website

Packed full of features to help you find what you need quicker...

VI Configurator

Configure a valve island from our VM10/VM15 or VS18/VS26 valve island ranges using our configurator.

FRL Configurator

Configure your air preparation assembly from our Excelon Plus 84 & 82 series to match the exact needs of your application.

Industry Videos

We offer specific products and solutions for your industrial sector.


IO-Link is revolutionising Industrial Automation by offering a standardised communication interface for all IO-Link devices, with simple installation and a complete range of diagnostics functionality.


From production, processing, transport & distribution, and final application, we are heavily involved at all stages of the hydrogen economy.


From offshore oil and gas platforms to refineries and chemical plants, you’ll find our precision components at the heart of the energy and chemical industry’s most marvellous machines.


With a true understanding of the daily issues faced by rail operators and original equipment manufacturers, we design for the precise needs of the rail industry.