What is an air preparation box set

What is an air preparation box set?

By Martin Lissenburg, Product Specialist

Reduce installation times and labour costs with IMI Norgren’s pre-assembled complete FRL solution.

Why use Air Preparation?

Compressed air is hot, wet and dirty. Untreated, it reduces the life of downstream products and components. Combined air preparation equipment is essential for efficient compressed air systems.

What is the Box Set concept?

We have pre-assembled complete solutions that cater for around 90% of all industrial applications. We supply filters to remove particles and water; regulators, to ensure the system operates at optimum efficiency and, lubricators, to provide best life for downstream components.

And to tailor to specific applications, we also have exhausting shut off valves to facilitate downstream maintenance without complete system shut-down; and pressure gauges to ensure accurate pressure setting and the mounting bracket.

Because the units are pre-assembled, it allows a complete set to be ordered as one part number. This ensures units are assembled in the correct sequence to ensure the compressed air system runs efficiently. We supply sets of both our Olympian and Excelon ranges.

What are the benefits of selecting a Box Set?

It provides a complete solution as one part number, which makes ordering much easier and eliminates multi-unit stock holding. Installation times are reduced and this keeps labour costs to a minimum. Also, a complete box set gives you assurance that compatible units are sequenced in the correct order.

What other options do IMI Norgren offer?

We manufacture all the base units (filters, regulators, etc) which allows combination units of any permutation of the Olympian or Excelon offer. These are not pre-defined and so do not offer the advantages of the Box Sets. Also, box sets offers a saving on price over the separate parts.

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