High Pressure

High Pressure Applications

Industrial and process gases are typically stored and transported at high pressure and need to be regulated down to a safe working pressure prior to use.  The requirement for flow control and pressure regulation at high pressure is applicable across industries such as defence, nuclear, oil & gas and industrial gas.

Our market leading product ranges – IMI Maxseal, IMI Norgren, IMI Herion and, IMI Buschjost, offer capability of managing pressures up to 1000 bar and in safety critical applications. The core product range includes:

  • Spring loaded and dome loaded pressure regulators
  • Back pressure regulators
  • Solenoid operated valves
  • Isolation valves
  • Check valves
  • Relief valves
  • Bellow sealed valves
  • Filters – Inline and Tee


Naval Defence

We have over 50 years’ experience supplying naval equipment to a global client base. Our pressure control systems are designed for reliable performance in some of the most challenging operating conditions on board ships and submarines. We have developed bespoke solutions such as pressure reducing stations and air start modules using materials such as 316 stainless steel and aluminium bronze suitable for marine environments.


We offer an extensive range of nuclear class products suited to the industry globally. Our products are in operation in over 100 stations worldwide. We are holders of the ASME N stamp and numerous other national acceptance certificates.

Oil and Gas

Much of our product range is ideally suited for use in the oil and gas industry, particularly offshore. Constructed from corrosion resistant materials, we have a long history of supplying regulators and solenoid valves for use on fire suppression systems, breathing air supply etc. on offshore platforms.

Industrial Gas

From emergency shut down valves on trailer applications to pressure reduction equipment in gas supply we have been working with clients in the industrial gas market for many years. We can provide our customers with solutions from our broad range of standard products or develop bespoke solutions to suit their needs. Our engineering team has expertise in the handling of inert, oxidising, flammable and corrosive industrial gases.

Liquified Natural Gas / Compressed Natural Gas / Alternative fuels

We offer a series of solenoid valves, filters and pressure regulators suited for use with compressed natural gas (CNG) and biomethane. Our products are commonly used in vehicle fuelling stations and off-grid industrial applications where their operating characteristics can help clients to improve process efficiency and simplify system design via a reduction in componentry.


From saturation diving to fire suppression systems, we have experience in developing bespoke solutions to suit challenging customer applications where working in close partnership with our client is of paramount importance. This collaborative approach has enabled the creation of truly unique products such as high flow solutions in combustion engine applications for space programs.

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