What is a Direct Acting Solenoid Valve?

What is a Direct Acting Solenoid Valve?

Direct acting solenoid valves, also known as zero rated solenoid valves, are electro-mechanical valves that are used to control the flow of liquids or gases.

This type of valve is directly actuated by the solenoid and does not require any difference in pressure between the inlet and outlet ports in order to operate; they can therefore function from 0 bar upwards.


What are the benefits of Direct Acting Solenoid Valves?

  • Can be used in negative pressure circuits
  • Available in compact 2/2 way normally open or closed versions
  • Includes Click-onTM solenoids that can be replaced without tools
  • Number of valve body options makes it suitable for liquids and gases


Where are they used?

These valves tend to be smaller in size and are typically used in low flow or high pressure applications.


How do they work?


Solenoid de-energised and valve is closed

The sealing element is directly connected to the plunger. When the solenoid is de-energised, the spring force presses the plunger on to the seat sealing the orifice. The plunger is only moved by energising the solenoid.

Solenoid energised and valve is open

When the solenoid is energised, the magnetic force lifts the plunger from the valve seat and the valve opens.

Maximum operating pressure and flow depend directly on the seat diameter (nominal diameter) and the force of the solenoid.


Available Ranges:

  • 82080
  • 82090
  • 82510
  • 82530
  • 82540
  • 82560
  • 82590
  • 82610
  • 83040
  • 83150
  • 84360
  • 85340
  • 85780
  • 85840
  • 86500
  • 86520
  • 86540
  • 86580
  • 86700
  • 86720
  • 86740

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