What is a Motorised Valve?

What is a Motorised Valve?

Motorised valves are proportional valves that are used when the output flow needs to be precisely controlled or continuously adjusted.

What are the benefits of Motor actuated valves?

  • Precise control
  • Low power consumption
  • Wear resistant ceramic rotary action plates
  • Compact design
  • Suited for high temperature applications

Where are they used?

  • Climate control on Commercial Vehicles
  • Battery thermal management in Electric Vehicles
  • Thermal management for Fuel Cells
  • Coolant control in conventional powertrain vehicles
  • Automated production equipment

How do they work?

The valve is designed with two wear resistant ceramic discs with opposite triangular flow apertures (ball valve version also offered). Corresponding to the electric signal provided, the discs rotate over an angle of 90 ̊ opening the flow aperture. Different flow volumes can be achieved by adjusting the opening angle of the discs. The matching geometry of the pair of disks achieves a virtually linear flow characteristic.

The maintenance-free electrical servo drive consists of powerful reversible motors; with a choice between direct current (DC), synchronous and stepper motor designs to suit the type of control system available.

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