Life Science Valves

We offer the widest variety of valve types from a single source. Precision, purpose-built valves for liquid and gas applications in life science instrumentation are at the core of our expertise.

Valves are critical in ensuring correct and accurate media delivery in any system and therefore the selection of valves must be made carefully.

Each valve type is designed to cater to a variety of needs. The rotary valves, designed to mate on to Kloehn syringe pumps, offer the possibility for numerous flow paths. Solenoid valves are electronically actuated and are offered in various sizes and styles – including direct acting, proportional and check (non-return) – allowing flexibility in flow control. And relief valves are designed for system safety in the event of over-pressurization.

Our valve portfolio was created to meet the widest possible range of flow control needs but in line with philosophy of continuous improvement, we have unrivalled engineering expertise in creating custom solutions on any valve type.


Rotary Valves

Designed to combine with Kloehn syringe pumps and valve drivers, these valves are suitable for a wide range of precision fluidic analytical and diagnostic instruments.

Solenoid Valves

A wide range of flow and pressure options are available with our direct acting solenoid valves. Extensive material options create solutions for fluidic circuits in a variety of applications.

Proportional Valves

The IMI FAS 16mm FASPROP is widely used to deliver low-flow gas control in demanding analytical instrumentation applications and the high-flow 16mm FLATPROP EQI & EQP for gas dosing in medical instruments. Where size is critical, the IMI FAS 8mm CHIPPROP completes our proportional valve portfolio.

Media Separated Valves

With a wide range of isolation valves ranging from 8mm miniature valves through to 32mm 3/2 valves, we are well positioned to meet the needs of the analytical and diagnostic instrumentation markets.

Pinch Valves

Pinch valves offer media separation capability and are used in applications where critical fluids must be handled without direct contact to the media. They operate by clamping down on a tube inserted into a slot in the valve, stopping fluid flow.

Relief Valves

This compact valve is designed to protect air operated systems from over pressurization providing additional safety for the equipment as well as its users. This valves offers easy to install mechanisms and adjustable pressure level settings.

Check Valves

Our check valves offer a simple and reliable inline valve design that permit flow in one direction only ensuring full control over sample movement.

Manual Valves

Kloehn miniature valves are designed for manual operation and offer a wide variety of fluid flow possibilities. The valves are light weight and occupy minimal space.

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