Flange Valves

Flange Valves

Introducing the new larger sized DN 65, DN 80 and DN 100 flanged valves - a completely new generation of flange valves.

Proven in the field for many years, our new range of flange valves have been developed to handle a wide range of different industrial challenges. They offer outstanding durability and reliability in a simple and a compact construction.

Tough, durable and reliable

Equipped with an innovative manual override, this innovative solution acts directly on the valve spindle and provides a fast response - the valves can be fully opened or closed with a single half turn. A spindle mechanically connected to the plunger, eliminates the need for manual stroke adjustment, making service and maintenance significantly easier and faster.

Offering an improved ‘ready-to-use’ visual position indicator with only one sensor for both switching positions (“open” and “closed“). The programmable sensor makes operation considerably easier, almost eliminating operating errors. The new compact position indicator has been reduced by 50%, significantly reducing the risk of damage, during transport, installation or maintenance.

Easy to install due to their slim construction and simple design, the innovation is most noted in the upgraded performance. With a lifespan of more than 200,000 switching cycles – dependent on the application – these flange valves last twice as long as the previous model.

Available in stainless steel and ductile graphite iron; -40°C to +200°C versions; with SIL, ATEX-solenoid & IECEx options, we now offer a complete range of flange valves from DN 15 - DN 100 for all applications.


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