Pneumatic Actuators & Cylinders

Pneumatic actuators often referred to as pneumatic cylinders or pneumatic drives are the products used to provide motion and force to industrial automation applications. Norgren offers one of the industry’s most comprehensive ranges of both single acting cylinders and double acting cylinders and their corresponding accessories.

Our linear actuator products range from compact cylinders to heavy duty cylinders, from rodless cylinders to roundline cylinders, from the energy saving IVAC to the corrosions resistant stainless steel actuators. These products are fully supported with our vast accessories including reed switches, solid state switches, and one the largest range of industrial actuator mountings in the industry.

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ISOLine™ Profile & Tie-Rod Cylinders

This is the most popular linear actuator found within Industrial Automation. Our range of ISO Linear actuators conforms to the latest ISO 15552, VDMA 24562 & NFE 49-003-01 standards as well as the previous ISO 6431.

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Roundline Actuators

Our range of roundline cylinders cover a range of bore sizes from 8mm to 63mm in both single acting and double acting versions.

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Compact Actuators

We offer three ranges of compact actuators; an ISO standard version, our standard equivalent and a clamping actuator range.

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Rodless Cylinders

Lintra Plus are our highly versatile range of rodless linear cylinders combining light weight with high strength.

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Slides & Guided Units

Our range of linear slide units and guided linear actuators include high quality bearings and slides ensuring long life and reliable performance.

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Rotary Actuators

Our ranges of rotary actuators provides angular motion, and are offered with either rack and pinion or vane technology depending on the output torques required.

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Stainless Steel Actuators

We offer stainless steel actuators in both ISO roundline conforming to ISO 6342 and ISO tie rod linear actuators conforming to ISO 15552.

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Air Bellows

Our bellows provide easy compact installation whilst offering extremely high force over relatively short strokes.

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We have standardised on our M/50 range of position switches available as either reed switches or solid state switches fitting our core ranges of linear actuators directly or via an adaptor.

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Shock Absorbers

We offer a range of shock absorbers which are fully sealed and maintenance free, with a full range of load capacities, mounting brackets and suitable accessories.

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Classic Actuators

Our classic actuator ranges include our standard and heavy duty ranges, impact cylinders, fixed range positioners and our repairable roundline range.

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